Mount Washington Care Center Testimonials

Dear Noelle,

This letter of thanks and appreciation is for you and all your staff of workers of Nurses, LPN’s, Nurse aides, kitchen staff ect. Just a few names of the devoted tender loving care givers. Tammy, cheerful singing nurse and whistler. Gail, early morning aide, always compassionate. Sherry, L.P.N who took out my stitches and clamps, never felt a thing!
Maria, dedicated nurse who always followed thru when we asked questions, and of course George. George is a devoted worker for 14 years at Mt. Washington Care Center.
Don Fuller and his staff of therapists who made the pain of therapy a joyful event.

Thank you for all the TLC. God bless all.

Mary Ann Ackermann

P.S. Almost for about Chris, what a wonderful young man!

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